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ustry.At the○ MWC, Chines〓e companies, inc○luding Huawei,● ZTE and Aliba○ba, presented the la〓test technolog○ies and solu■tions for 5○G, All-Cloud◆ network, v○ideo and Internet of● Things (IoT). ■Huawei alone w●ill launch mor◆e than 20 cutt●ing-e

he pionee〓rs

in the industry■, Huawei rel●oca

dge pr●oducts during ○the four-da●y event, includ○ing an Intent-driven〓 Network and t〓he AUTIN di●gital O&M platf●orm, showcasing t■he results wi●th its over 30〓0 partners in〓 a bid to embark 〓on the roads to ◆a fully-connec〓

tes the proce?/a>
Over the last eighteen months our sales have increased three-fold since the launch of our new web site. We have to say it has made us delighted we chose Envision.
George Mansion, founder Silicon App Inc

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ing VR 〓experience

t◆ on 5G," said Ken Hu〓, Huawei Rotating○ CEO."The ultima◆te goal is to ●build a fully co●nnected,

to b●e free of ca○bles

i■ntelligent world," H●u said.At Huaw●ei's 6,300-square-k○m futuristic mai●n booth und〓er a blue lighted〓 ceilin

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g, thro●ngs of visi■tors are ke●en to experience○ various innov〓ative products and s○olutions, includi


any other VR ga◆mes."I

◆ng its slim and sle●ek 5G base statio○n and a smart c●ity model wi●th water supply, s〓haring bicy

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cle, man●hole cover and stree〓t parking all fully ◆intelligently connec〓ted."Life co〓uld be so much diffe●rent with th

ese te◆chnologies," said ■British visitor ◆Kerry Robinso〓n. "Like this sm〓art manhole cov〓er really an

can ●be

swers■ the questions tha○t I have been a◆sking for m○any years." Th●e unhoped remova■l of manhole cove

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